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As homeowners, we carry a lot of responsibility in caring and maintaining our properties. Much more than just the inside of the home. Of course, you need to mow the grass, keep fresh paint on the home, pressure wash the driveway and sidewalks, but how about the trees?  The majority of homeowners do not know about proper tree care and may let them grow out of control and cause major safety concerns. When trees are not properly trimmed, or frequently assessed by an arborist, they can inspire some major issues. Dead or dying trees can fall or lose big limbs causing injury to people or damaging property.
Caring for your trees can be very time consuming and requires a comprehensive amount of knowledge. Did you know, in the State of Georgia, if a dead tree falls on your home, your home owners insurance does not have to cover any of the claim? Also, if a dead tree from your property falls onto your neighbors property, you can be held responsible for any damage and repairs. Trees can be a huge liability if not cared for properly!
Our Atlanta, Ga tree care experts are all very knowledgeable in the practices by The International Society of Arboriculture. Let one of our licensed and insured tree care professionals walk your property with you and give you a free evaluation of your trees

Learn How To Recognize The Signs Of Unhealthy Trees:

1. Discoloration of leaves or needles -                                 2. Twig & Branch Die Back -
              * Leaves lighter shade of green                                                                                                        \
        * Yellowing                                                                                                                                     
*Browning around the edges                                                                                               

3. Mushroom/Fungi Growth -                                           4. Hollow or Decayed Areas -
* On the trunk of tree                                                                                                          
* At the base of the tree                                                                                                    
* On the surface roots                                                                                                        

5. Insect Infestation -                                                           6. Large Dead Limbs -    
* Sawdust around the base of tree                                                                               
* Small holes in the trunk of tree                                                                                   
* Holes in  the leaves

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